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Commodore 1541 DOS Wedge Commands

These commands are to be used with the DOS Wedge utility, which was published on the floppy disk that shipped with the 1541 Floppy Disk Drive.

Using the DOS Wedge utility saves the user from having to start each disk command with OPEN15,8,15 and end with :CLOSE15. This is a great time saver if you have to perform a lot of disk commands during one session.

Command Description
/program Load a program from disk
program Load and Run a program from disk
program Save a program to disk
%program Load a machine language program from disk
> or @ Display current drive error status
>$ or @$ Display disk directory (without erasing program in RAM)
>N:diskname,id Format a new disk
>I Initialize (setup) new device
>V Validate a disk
>#drive number Change the active drive
>S:progname Scratch a program from disk
>R:newname=oldname Rename a program
>C:destprog=sourceprog Copy a program to a new program on the same disk
>D1=0 Duplicate the disk in drive 8 to drive 9
>UJ Reset the disk drive (if you get a “drive not ready” error)
>UI+ Change disk drive speed to C64 mode
>UI- Change disk drive speed to VIC-20 mode
>Q Quit the DOS Wedge program


Rather than having to load and run the DOS Wedge boot program, you can directly load the “DOS 5.1” ML program and then execute SYS 52224. To make it even easier to get DOS Wedge running, I have renamed the program from “DOS 5.1” to simply “!”. So, now to load up the DOS Wedge, I just type LOAD“!”,8,1.

In the RUN magazine's special issue of 1986, there was a helpful little program that was published which made it very easy to copy the DOS Wedge utility from memory to floppy disk.

To use the DOS Wedge Improver program, follow these instructions:

  • Load the DOS 5.1 Wedge as usual.
  • Once loaded, type NEW and press RETURN.
  • Load and run the DOS Improver program (download a copy of it here).
  • Put a formatted floppy disk in the disk drive on which you wish to copy the DOS Wedge.
  • Type SYS 52224 and press RETURN.
  • Type SYS 52400 and press RETURN.

The DOS Wedge will now be copied onto the floppy disk in the disk drive, and the computer will then reset itself. To copy to another disk, restart the DOS Wedge utility by typing SYS52224 and press RETURN, then make drive 8 the active drive by typing @#8 and press RETURN. Then, save DOS Wedge to a new disk by typing SYS52400 and press RETURN.

The DOS Wedge Improver makes a small change to the DOS Wedge program, allowing you to copy it to floppy disk by using the SYS52400 command.

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